Meet our most valued speakers

Arese Ugwu

Arese Ugwu is the author of the bestselling and ground-breaking *The Smart Money Woman*, the financial-chick-lit novel that

Bowale Agboade

Bowale Agboade is an entrepreneur with a strong passion to change the world around her. She founded the Kid Entrepreneurs ini

    Tamara Egbedi

    Tamara Egbedi is a speaker at the LagosMums Parenting Conference. In addition to being a lawyer with vast international exper

    Tosin Fowowe

    Tosin Praise-Fowowe is a speaker at the LagosMums Parenting Conference. She is a highly sought-after Finance Coach/mentor.

    Chika Okorafor Aneke

    Chika Okorafor Aneke is a speaker at the LagosMums Parenting Conference. She is a modern ‘Mrs Fix it’, for popular mo

      Dr. Patrick Ijewere

      Dr. Patrick Ijewere is a speaker at the 5th LagosMums Parenting Conference holding on Saturday Oct 13th 2018. Dr. Ijewere

        Emily Wale-koya

        Emily Wale-koya is an infectious motivational speaker, and business consultant who is on a rampage to arm individuals and or

          Dr Orode Doherty

          Dr. Orode Doherty Director, Africare Nigeria is a speaker at the LagosMums Parenting Conference.  Dr Doherty is a US Boa

            Abisola Longe

            Abisola is a highly experienced consultant, inspirational coach, counsellor, trainer, speaker and mentor. The founder of HCD

            Abolaji Osime

            Abolaji is the CEO  & Founder of Global International College, a Secondary & Sixth form College with branches in Lagos & Ab

              Dakore Egbuson-Akande

              Dakore Egbuson-Akande is worth her weight in gold in the Nigerian and indeed African entertainment industry. Dakore strong

              Stephen Omojuyigbe

              Stephen Omojuyigbe is a Talent Development expert and a professional member of the ATD. HE is a Master Trainer, Speaker and C

                Kehinde Nwani

                Mrs. Kehinde Nwani is a social entrepreneur who has a passion for national transformation and believes that education can be

                  Rayo Abe @LagosHousewife

                  My name is Rayo Abe. I'm a Professional Housewife 😁 and the face of the LagosHouseWife brand. A graduate of English Langua

                  YETTY WILLIAMS

                  Parenting Coach

                  Founder, LagosMums

                  Damola Ladejobi

                  UK Certified Personal Nutritionist

                  CEO, Askdamz

                  Taiwo AKINLAMI

                  Social Development and Public Interest Lawyer

                  Principal, Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy

                  Lanre Olusola

                  Founder, Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy

                  Behavioral Change Coach

                  Joy Isa

                  Educator / Counselor

                  Joy Isa is a speaker at the LagosMums Parenting Conference, she is a Pastor at The Elevation Church, a trained counsellor and

                  Titilola Vivour Adeniyi

                  Legal Practitioner and Public Administrator

                  Coordinator, Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team


                    LagosMums Parenting Conference & Exhibition Sessions. 

                    Theme: The Future: Our Children to the World

                    9:00 am - 10:00 am
                    Registration and Networking

                    Registration and Pre-Conference networking

                    Talking about 21st Century Parenting - it starts with the parents and affects the children and family. Parents today need to be equipped to win in today's world. What can you do as a parent when you need coaching yourself? Dealing with mental wellness and other modern day challenges. Children's exposure to abuse and how to protect them.

                    Lanre Olusola, Dakore Akande, Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, Yetty Williams

                    Discuss with a panel of experts on understanding millennials and Generation Z. How technology, digital media affects this generation. Parents will get equipped with the tools they need to effectively communicate with their millennials or Generation z'ers. Are they ready for jobs? How can we protect them from FOMO and other worries. What part do parents and caregivers play?

                    Taiwo Akinlami, Abi Longe, Dr Orode Doherty, Joy Isa

                    Financing the future. We are living longer, pensions are gone, jobs are not guaranteed Kids are expensive to raise and want to follow their passions and be entrepreneurs. How do parents ensure that they are prepared for the future and raise their children to be financially literate. Get tips, tools and recommendations for your financial health. How can you save and invest to protect your children and future. Join this panel of experts to discuss this and more.

                    Bowale Agboade, Tosin Fowowe, Emily Wale-Koya, Arese Ugwu

                    How do you live a healthy lifestyle? Protect your family with food. The importance of Nutrition and what you feed your baby and children sets them up for their future. How to avoid eating the wrong things that lead to diseases and more. Practical ways to manage pressures of Lagos lifestyle and increase in western diseases like obesity, high blood pressure even in kids. Learn how mum can slay even after child birth. Food as medicine.

                    AskDamz ( Damola Ladejobi), Rayo Abe (@LagosHouseWife), Dr Patrick Ijewere, Tamara Egbedi

                    Parents Keeping it real talkshow No question is off limits on this panel! How to ensure we are raising children for the future. Are you raising resilient kids? Join the New versus Old Parenting Debate and what parenting style is most effective. What is the Nigerian Parenting style? Does it equip children for the future or hinder them? Do not be a victim of keeping up with the Jonses

                    Kehinde Nwani, Stephen Omojuyigbe, Chika Okorafor Aneke, Bolaji Osime

                    LMPCE 2018

                    LagosMums Parenting Conference & Exhibition

                    What Is LagosMums?

                    LagosMums is Nigeria’s premier parenting resource for mums, parents and caregivers founded by Mrs. Yetty Williams in July 2011. The Company is dedicated to sharing content, information, product recommendations and tools that are educative and informative.

                    What Do we Cater to?

                    Our Target Audience are Mums, Dads and caregivers who are raising children and taking care of a family. Our mums are multi-faceted and technologically savvy and looking to be the best they can be as a parent. Real LagosMums who seek out the best for their families, balance their many hats and be the best they can be.

                    What Do we Do?

                    We provide content, resources and information for raising children in the 21st century with a focus on local information that is relevant. Parents will always spend on their children and families, and want the very best for them.

                    LagosMums has held Parenting Conferences annually over the years catering to over 1,500 mums and some dads. The events have been well attended with positive feedback from all the attendees.

                    Our vendors and sponsors at the events get to interact with thousands of mums to showcase and sell their products and services.

                    On Awards – Yetty Williams, LagosMums Emerged the winner in the Social Media/Online Media category in ELOY 2015.

                    Our social media presence and community continues to grow, currently we have over 69,000 followers across social media and our newsletter subscribers, with several thousand visitors to the blog LagosMums.com.

                    Past Successes
                    Past Successes

                    Exhibition – This will be stalls that are set up across the hall for mums, families and their children.

                    Vendor Info – Allowance for stalls showcasing products and services, selling merchandise and offering various innovative products. Vendors will include FCMG’s, Electronics, Clothing, Toys, Financial products, Education services among many others. We are pleased to offer your company an opportunity to be a vendor at this anticipated event.

                    About LMPCE 2018

                    The upcoming 5th annual “LagosMums Parenting Conference and Exhibition” will hold at Harbour Point, Victoria Island, Lagos on Saturday, 13th of October 2018.

                    The format of the event will be an exhibition of select companies/vendors showcasing their products, services and innovations. Additionally, there will be several breakout sessions that will target specific parenting and family topics based on years of research of mums and their family needs.

                    The Event will be an opportunity for learning, networking, shopping and more. This event will be one of a kind, the first of this type of parenting event catering to over 1000 mums and their families. LagosMums regularly holds events to bring mums, parents and professional experts in various fields together to discuss parenting matters, share experiences and gain valuable advice.

                    Register Here Now

                    Mums Connect, Network, Collaborate, Shop and Get expert advice for excellent 21st century parenting

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                    Child Care

                    We’re offering complimentary creche services for children between the ages of 0 to 5. There’s limited space available for FREE child care for 2 hours, and this will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Anytime after this would be at a charge of N2,500 per hour.

                    Please fill the form below to register for Childcare at the LagosMums Parenting Conference & Exhibition 2018

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