Abolaji Osime

    Abolaji is the CEO  & Founder of Global International College, a Secondary &
    Sixth form College with branches in Lagos & Abuja.

    Global International College is one of the leading providers of secondary, university prep and foundation degrees for international universities in Nigeria. A Social Entrepreneur and
    Educationalist. She is very passionate about ensuring children and young
    people get the best education available anywhere in the World and has
    positioned Global to launch students on their personal quests for excellence
    by equipping them for a powerful future in their chosen careers and

    She is also the Lead Consultant of Strategic Transformation Team Limited, a
    premier educational consultancy with a wide range of experience and
    expertise in public and private education sector reform. She consulted for DFID
    ESSPIN programme as the Lagos State Team Leader focusing on education
    reform . She has consulted for several State Governments developing and
    strategies for a holistic reform of public and private education delivery
    including technical and vocational education.

    She was appointed as committee member on the intervention for job creation
    under the social protection scheme by the Government to retrain 500,000
    Nigerians as teachers . She also recently was appointed by the Senate
    President, His excellency Bukola Saraki to look into UBEC laws and kick start a
    review of education laws in Nigeria