Janelle Dowell

Global Social Media Strategist/ Educator/ Media Artist

Janelle Dowell is a global social media strategist, educator, and media artist. She consults numerous organizations on accelerating marketing efforts in today’s digital environment. In addition, she is an adjunct professor in the Visual Communications Department with the City Colleges of Chicago (USA). She specializes in new media art and photography, media planning, and content marketing (videos, blogs, social media posts). She is passionate about empowering individuals to use social media artistically and strategically by moving out of their comfort zones and improving their presence and relationships online. She has lead strategic social marketing campaigns for global nonprofits, education, art, healthcare, manufacturing, and packaged consumer goods companies. In Nigeria, she has consulted with Lagos Mums, IROKO Interior Design, Smokey Bones Restaurant, and Wondrous Hair.

Ultimately, Janelle believes that social media is a conversation that should have a purpose. She and her team use multiple technologies to simply tell imaginative stories. Each work contributes to a larger narrative. The process is cumulative and adds richness to the story world.